Summer time, need to ship wine?

By: Bryan Buchanan, Packaging Specialist

1673DuraTherm® wine shippers is a great packaging solution for shipping your wine from summer through the winter months. It is designed to resolve any issues with shipping a temperature sensitive product safely when the outside temperature is high; in addition to ensuring that it travels from point A to point B without breakage. Our design, with input from industry leaders, distributors, and freight carriers has helped to make this a solid and dependable program. DuraTherm® wine shippers have passed the rigorous ISTA 7E Summer Profile test. Is has also received ISTA 3A drop test certification, which confirms that your product is shipped in a package that will avoid content damage. Passing these critical tests provides our customers with peace of mind that their product is in good hands!

The summer DuraTherm® shipper comes in a 2-Pack, 6-Pack, and 12-Pack versions. We can provide the specially designed EPS foam in a corrugated box with designated gel packs as a complete kit.  Over the years we collected valuable customer input and have modified the summer shipper to create an unparalleled quality product with unique features for your valuable wine contents.

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  1. Pam Lassila says:

    I never realized that it would probably be pretty hard to ship wine! But I like how this system is set up and created a safe and effective way to ship it. I like how it passed certification tests because it helps the customers know that their product is beting taken care of!

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