Does your company have a lack of storage space for its packaging materials?

By:  Ryan Olson, Packaging Specialist

If so, we have the solution!  If you are shipping perishable products and your preferred method of thermal protection is our polystyrene foam sheets instead of our Duratherm™ molded coolers, we have what you need.   Typically you have three sizes of foam sheets required when it comes to lining a corrugated box, (one size for the top and bottom, one size for the ends and one size for the sides).

Many companies come to us and all have the same problem, lack of storage space to inventory three sizes of foam required for one corrugated box.  With our new “One Size Fits All Liners”, you can save on warehouse space and achieve faster pack-out times during shipping.

Below are examples of our 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ EPS  “One Size Fits All Liners“:

1.0# Box Liner Sizes 1.5# Box Liner Sizes 2.0# Box Liner Sizes
1.00 EPS One Size Liner Chart 1.50 EPS One Size Liner Chart 2.00 EPS One Size Liner Chart

Learn more about Polar-R® Box liners or DuraTherm® Shipping Containers.

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