Hitting the (Roofing) Slopes

By: Jim Nugent, Regional Sales Manager

With snow season here many are thinking about ‘hitting the slopes’ to go downhill skiing. In the commercial insulation business, slopes aren’t nearly as fun or exciting but a critical component of tapered roof insulation design. There are many new code regulations this time of year that will have an affect on the way roofing contractors bid projects which could potentially increase their costs.

Specifically, there are new developments in the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) on how commercial roof insulation contributes to R-value when tapered insulation is required. Many states have already adopted the 2015 version of the code; however, some states are just now beginning to adopt the code.

Code language can be confusing and that is certainly the case when it comes to how the code explains the way tapered insulation contributes to the R-value of a roof assembly. To simplify, states that have adopted IECC 2012 or newer comply with the following:

When insulation is sloped ¼” per foot you must be at the code required R-value 4’ from the drain. If the insulation is sloped 1/8” per foot you must reach the minimum R-value 8’ from the drain.

For example, in the state of Illinois where I do business the required R-value on a commercial roof is R30. This means the tapered system would need to reach the required R30 either 4’ or 8’ from the drain.

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Due to this code change, it’s not hard to imagine that tapered systems are getting thicker and more expensive. Foam-Control® and Foam-Control® PLUS+® tapered roof insulation is your solution:

roof9• Depending on the material type Foam-Control® and Foam-Control® PLUS+® costs 35-40% less than the widely used Polyiso, while offering a comparable R-value.
• A Foam-Control® or Foam-Control® PLUS+® tapered system can be designed in 1 or 2 layers which can dramatically reduce the number of squares rather than using a multiple layer polyiso system.
• Reducing squares reduces labor costs and adhesive costs.
• Both Foam-Control® and Foam-Control® PLUS+® offer compound hip and valley pieces which dramatically cut waste and labor time.

As you can see there are many advantages of tapered Foam-Control® and Foam-Control® PLUS+® roof insulation. ACH Foam Technologies also offers tapered design service in many of our manufacturing locations. We will also accommodate other taper designs.

Contact your local ACH Foam Technologies roofing expert to quote your next project.

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