#6 Resin Identification Symbol and Recycling Facts

By: Ryan Olson, Packaging Specialist

#6 Resin Identification symbol

This #6 symbol identifies (PS) Polystyrene and also (EPS) expanded polystyrene which are recyclable.

Products from Recycled #6 Foam

#6 foam is a type of thermoplastic that can be recycled over and over again. In fact, #6 foam is recycled to make a number of items we use every day in and around our homes.  Here are a few below.

#6 foam is routinely recycled to showcase your favorite photographs.

Interior Moulding

Interior moulding is used in many homes and businesses to add an ornamental touch. #6 foam can be recycled to make this decorative border.

Pony packs

#6 foam is commonly recycled to make pony packs, which are used to grow and transport a variety of seeds and plants.


Writing implements like ballpoint pens are among the items made from recycled #6 foam.


Recycling can really measure up – rulers are a common item made from recycled #6 foam.

Foam Insulation

foam insulation

#6 foam can be recycled to make new insulation to maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

Foam Packaging

foam packaging

The packaging that protects fragile electronics and other breakables can be made from recycled #6 foam.

Recycling #6 foam reduces solid waste and creates a market for new items. We look forward to discussing our DuraTherm™ packaging products and assisting with your recycling efforts.

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