What happened to my EPS foam, it’s no longer white?

By: Dale Mullikin, Regional Sales Manager

MAX-Foam-LAYERS_With LogoEPS foam has been white in color from the beginning, about 60+ years ago. ACH Foam Technologies is embracing new technology from BASF and it is changing the color of Foam-Control® insulation. Our new dark gray GPS product Foam-Control MAX™ has the benefit of a greater R-value per inch of insulation.

Utilizing graphite polystyrene (GPS) resin from BASF, ACH Foam Technologies is manufacturing insulation board with a new R-Value of 5 per 1-1/16 of an inch.  By far the lowest cost R5 rigid foam board insulation in the market! The benefit of the Foam-Control MAX™ is the increased R-value realized from the reflective properties of the graphite material. The embedded graphite reflects radiant heat energy, much like a mirror, which in turn increases the materials resistance to heat flow or R-Value.

Foam-Control MAX™ graphite polystyrene (GPS) has earned Greenguard Gold certification along with recognition from The Collaborative for High Performance Schools and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Building Rating System. This third party certification contributes to sustainable building practices and energy savings with low global warming potential.

ACH Foam Technologies is excited to add Foam-Control MAX™ to our architectural insulation product offerings. Foam-Control PLUS+® is ideal for below-grade applications including foundation, perimeters, and underslab while Foam-Control MAX™ is the perfect choice for vertical applications such as cavity wall, sheathing, concrete applications, EIFS, and stucco board. Both Foam-Control PLUS+® and Foam-Control MAX™ offer the design professional, contractor, and building owner a lower cost per R-value than other rigid foam board insulation options, and are widely used in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings as well as multi-family and residential projects.

Enjoy the new color and higher R-value of Foam-Control MAX™ graphite polystyrene (GPS) insulation!

About Dale Mullikin

Dale Mullikin has been in the EPS business for 14 years. He has done hundreds of educational Lunch & Learns for architects and engineers all over the midwest.
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