DuraTherm® Wine Shippers – Announcing our NEW Universal 6-Pack

By: Dave Hallauer, Packaging Specialist

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAACH Foam Technologies would like to announce the newest addition to our lineup of DuraTherm® Wine Shippers, the Universal 6-Pack. Engineered to offer maximum protection of six 750 ml wine bottles from damage and breakage during shipment. The new universal 6-pack is designed with the added feature of an interior cavity that will hold a 24 oz. gel refrigerant to offer a greater degree of thermal protection during the summer months.

The DuraTherm® Wine Shippers are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and multiple 12-pack configurations. All DuraTherm® Wine Shippers are molded expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam which offers a superior level of cushioning protection than alternative molded pulp wine shippers. EPS also has intrinsic insulation properties which is beneficial to avoid exposing wine to extreme temperature changes (both hot and cold) during transit.

Despite the common misconception, EPS is both recyclable and an environmentally friendly alternative to paper based products. Several life cycle studies have been published recently comparing the environmental impacts of plastics vs paper. The findings of one such report (InFo Kunststoff e.V. ‘EPS Packaging Versus Moulded Pulp Packaging LCA’) stated in summary, “When compared to EPS, molded pulp consumes between 70 –115% more energy, results in 9–31% more air pollution and emits between 323–348% more greenhouse gas”. Scientific proof that EPS has environmental performance aspects that are more favorable than paper packaging products.

DuraTherm® Wine Shippers (and all DuraTherm® Packaging products) are not only the logical choice for superior cushioning and thermal protection but also the eco-friendly solution for your wine packaging needs.

Contact your local ACH Foam Technologies Sales Representative for pricing and availability.

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