Business Partner versus Material Supplier, Choosing Value Over Price

By: Joe Kurz, Packaging Specialist

I had an interesting meeting with one of our long time packaging distributor customers this week. As in many cases, we are not their sole EPS packaging supplier of record. The meeting was to inform me that even though we were not the lowest cost supplier for the materials they were buying, they would be moving additional business currently with a competitor over to us.

Why did this customer forgo the option of cost savings? They cited our speedy production and delivery, quality of the product and its packaging, and the courteousness of our delivery personnel is more valuable to them than price. Input from their own warehouse crew who interact with our drivers was included in their decision to move business to us from their other supplier. Perhaps the most important factor was that their customers, who ultimately put our products to use, have provided feedback that they prefer our product over the other supplier.

ACH Foam Technologies strives to deliver high quality products with expedited lead times. Often when pricing is the primary factor, it ends up being a race to the bottom. Rock bottom prices often means slower production lead times, lower quality, and lack of customer service. We recognize there may be a market for these types of products but this is not the market we are focused on.

If you value these qualities over price, let ACH Foam Technologies show you how we can be your partner for all your EPS foam packaging requirements.


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