How Well Do You Interact with Your Customers?

By: Greg Gibson, Sales Representative

Customer Engagement

When you call on an existing or potentially new customer do you stop and think what does this person know about my product, in my case this is expanded polystyrene (EPS)?

Many of us in the industry have been selling EPS for quite a while and can sometimes take it for granted that our customer base has an understanding about what we sell and how it is used. That is obviously a big mistake! There are many competing products out there and each one of those products have their own angle to try and influence our customers to buy from them.

I remember working with some of the big box stores where we would provide product knowledge sessions with their staff.  We would show them samples and literature and talk about all of the attributes of using EPS. At the end I would ask if there were any questions.  The majority of the time they would shake their heads no and that would be the end of the class. I would leave wondering if I actually made an impact or not so I decided that in the future, instead of standing in front of everyone and just going over the literature and handing out samples, I would get them involved.

The next time I introduced myself, held up a sample of EPS and told everyone we were an alternative to the other products on their shelf.  I then handed out 3×6 index cards to each person and asked them to give me one reason why they would promote the other product over ours. Now I had them participating in the discussion even if it wasn’t verbally. The cards were passed back to me and we would discuss each response. All of a sudden I had their attention and it was absolutely amazing how this small change created an easy way to engage customers in open dialogue to share ideas and information.

Next time, think about how you engage your customers through interaction to help them actively learn about your product.  ACH Foam Technologies has a great expanded polystyrene (EPS) product to sell but without engagement we would not be able to fully understand our customer’s unique challenges and how we can help them reach their goals.

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