New: DuraTherm® GPS (Graphite Polystyrene) Packaging

By: Greg Aron, Regional Sales Manager

DuraTherm GPS Cooler 2

ACH Foam Technologies’ DuraTherm® GPS (graphite polystyrene) offers the same benefits of DuraTherm® EPS with the added ability to reduce material thicknesses by up to 20% while maintaining the same thermal performance.  DuraTherm® GPS is comprised of many small pockets of air within a polymer matrix containing graphite. The graphite reflects radiant heat energy like a mirror, increasing the material’s resistance to the flow of heat, or R-value.

In addition, DuraTherm® GPS is a strikingly sharp, beautiful silver/grey color and can be beneficial in reusable packaging and OEM applications that require the use of colored material.  DuraTherm® GPS can be block molded, shape molded, and fabricated in the same manner as DuraTherm® EPS and is available at ACH Foam Technologies plants nationwide.

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