Problem: Compressible Building-Site Soils / Solution: Foam-Control® Geofoam

By: Pat Austin, Sales Representative


When a potential building site is evaluated for its suitability to a proposed construction project, the load-bearing capacity of the soil supporting the structure is a major concern.  Geotechnical engineers are often consulted to evaluate the site and generate conclusions based on their testing.  Frequently, this testing reveals that the site cannot support the proposed construction without enhancement – meaning that mitigation must be undergone to reduce the impact of the structure on the underlying subsoils.

One method of mitigating the effects of proposed construction on a site’s subsoil is by excavating and replacing a volume of fill material with Foam-Control® Geofoam.  Because geofoam can offer a wide range of compressive strengths, at a weight of approximately 1% of the excavated material, a tremendous strength-to-weight improvement can be realized.  The loading of the subsoils left after excavation can be greatly lessened, if not eliminated completely, by replacing potential overburden with Foam-Control® Geofoam.

There are other advantages to implementing geofoam in compressible-soil mitigation projects:

  • No compaction is required of the geofoam fill, construction can occur immediately upon completion of fill placement
  • Geofoam can be placed in sub-freezing temperatures
  • Predictable strength – grades are available which offer a range of 320-2,680 psf compressive resistance
  • Ease of installation – geofoam can be placed quickly, modified easily, and requires minimal heavy equipment

These factors combine to make geofoam a preferred solution for compressible building-site soils.

Give Foam-Control® Geofoam the opportunity to lighten the load on your next building project.  Contact your ACH Foam Technologies’ regional representative for a quote and put geofoam to work for you.

About Pat Austin

BSIE from Marquette University in 1986, MSMSE from UW Madison in 1989. General contractor for 13 years before joining the ACH Foam team in 2007. Married to Kelly, with four sons.
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