ACH Foam Loose Fill Peanut Locations

By: Ryan Olson, Packaging Specialist


Did you know ACH Foam manufactures loose fill peanuts in Colorado, Kansas, and Utah? We manufacture anti-static loose fill and biodegradable loose fill.

Versatility is what comes to mind when our customers think about loose fill peanuts. They offer a cost effective solution of protection and flexibility.

Key Benefits of Loose Fill Peanuts

  • Lightweight
  • Economical
  • Prevents product migration
  • Anti-Static treated
  • Custom Bag size offerings
  • Bulk Shipments available

Recycling info for Loose Fill

Plastic Loose Fill Council ( offers drop off recycling centers in each state.  They also have a peanut hotline if you are trying to locate one of the many 1,500 collection centers.

In many instances, peanuts can be recycled at a UPS store. Contact your local UPS store for more information.

Contact ACH Foam Technologies for more info on loose fill packaging peanuts.

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