EPS Geofoam for Theater Conversion & Stadium Seating Applications

By: Terry Meier, Geofoam Specialist

Stadium Seating1 Stadium Seating2

Geofoam is the perfect solution for the construction of stadium seating. It has been used in a variety of projects (over 2,000 jobs nationwide), ranging in size from a small home theater to a 22,000 seat sports arena.

Blocks can be pre-fabricated by ACH Foam Technologies to the specified size and shape so that they are instantly ready to place after arrival. Each of the blocks are labeled as needed for easy installation. Plus, drawings can be provided to show where the blocks need to be placed.

Geofoam is available in a wide range of densities to ensure strength and structural integrity.

Cheaper and better… is that possible? When using Geofoam for stadium seating it is! Geofoam is much faster to install and much less expensive than steel metal framing. According to Dana Daniels (owner of Stadium Seating Conversions) “my experience has taught me that using metal framing takes twice the manpower as using EPS Geofoam”.

Stadium Seating3

Some examples of Geofoam Stadium Seating jobs are:

Home Theaters. (The Swensen Residence)

Stadium Seating4

Educational Classrooms   (Olympus High School)

Stadium Seating5

Cinema   (Thanksgiving Point Theaters)

Stadium Seating6

Corporate Auditoriums   (O.C. Tanner Building)

Stadium Seating7

Performing Arts Theaters   (Hale Theater)

Stadium Seating8

Concert Hall Auditoriums (Abravenel Hall)

Stadium Seating9

Sports Arenas (Romney Stadium)

Stadium Seating10

These are just a few examples of the many projects where our customers have benefited by using Geofoam for theater conversions and stadium seating applications.  Whether your job is a small home theater or a large sports arena, let EPS Geofoam help you with your stadium seating needs.

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