Flute Fillers are Roof Insulation

By: Jim Nugent, Regional Sales Manager

Walgreen's Distribution Center, Windsor, WI

Walgreen’s Distribution Center, Windsor, WI

Foam-Control® and Foam-Control® Plus+® roof insulation can be used in a variety of roof assemblies. Fully adhered, mechanically attached membranes. Also green roofs, inverted roofs, protected membranes and many others. Foam-Control® and Foam-Control® Plus+® is available in flat, tapered, fan fold, and as composite insulation with a fiberglass facer. One of the most common uses of Foam-Control® and Foam-Control® Plus+® roof insulation is filling flutes when re-roofing a metal roof, commonly known, the product is know as Flute Filler.

Because the EPS industry can offer Flute Filler in a wide range of sizes, material types, and configurations, EPS is the preferred material for this application, although polyiso is also used in this application.

The EPS industry is known to be able to produce material types with high recycled content that do not meet the code requirements for roof insulation, but can be used in industrial applications for packaging and dunnage. Some may consider Flute Filler a dunnage material to level a metal roof to receive a new roof, but make no mistake about it Flute Filler is a roof insulation and needs to meet code requirements.

1,175,625 Board Feet of Foam-Control® PLUS+® 250 Angle Cut EPS Flute Filler Roof Insulation.  Walgreen's Distribution Center.

1,175,625 Board Feet of Foam-Control® PLUS+® 250 Angle Cut EPS Flute Filler Roof Insulation. Walgreen’s Distribution Center.

The International Building Core requires that EPS roof insulation used above the deck (including metal roofs) must meet the physical properties of ASTM C-578 and must be labeled as such. EPS products with high recycled content may not meet all the physical properties of ASTM C-578. These high recycled content products may even have a UL label and be the right density but it will not meet the code.

At ACH Foam all our Foam-Control® and Foam-Control® Plus+® and Polar® products, including flute fillers, fully meet ASTM C-578 and fully meet the code requirements for roof insulation. For the roofing industry professionals reading this post, the next time you request pricing for EPS Flute Fillers you may want your supplier to provide documentation that their flute fillers meet ASTM C-578 and have the independent third party documentation to support that they are code compliant.

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