Learn How It’s Made in Person with a Plant Tour

By: Joe Kurz, Packaging Specialist


In my free time, I enjoy visiting breweries and wineries. It is enjoyable to sample products that are the result of knowledge, effort and experience by enthusiastic individuals producing these liquid refreshments. Often, a tour of the facility is offered to give us a basis of what it takes to produce the product.

At ACH Foam Technologies, we encourage all of our customers and their staff to take an hour or two out of their week and visit us for a tour of our manufacturing facility. All of our locations nationwide can accommodate these informative visits. You will see, in detail, the entire process of how EPS is formed into many of the everyday products you use. A plant tour is far better than watching an episode of “How It’s Made” on television and give you a better understanding of the knowledge, effort and experience it takes to produce these products used in insulation, geotechnical, packaging, and OEM applications.

Contact us to book a plant tour at one of our nationwide locations.

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