The Best Below-Grade Rigid Foam Available Today!

By: John Myers, Sales Representative


For many years now the market place for below-grade insulation has assumed XPS is the product to use. However, a recent update to the 40 year old test data has just proven that EPS and Foam-Control® PLUS+® is the superior below-grade insulation in the market today!

For years information from the short term C272 water absorption test within the ASTM C578 quality control standard for rigid polystyrene has been misrepresented by some as long-term performance. This in spite of scientists from the Dow Chemical company stating “that moisture gain in perimeter insulation cannot be predicted accurately by any one laboratory test”. Permeability has been wrongfully ignored as part of the equation. Long-term testing shows significantly higher water absorption rates for XPS, as high as 50% in some studies! While this material is slower to absorb moisture in the short-term, it lacks the permeability to release the moisture it gains. The result is lowered R-Value that does not recover during drying conditions.

Foam-Control® PLUS+® provides superior permeability and R-Value retention when compared to XPS rigid foam insulation products commonly in use today. Just as technology updates have moved us in so many ways from cell phones, computers, automobiles, and products we use daily, so has the technology of heat and moisture transport in building systems.

Building science is no longer looking at the short-term manufacturer quality control measures and now looking at long-term performance. Foam-Control® PLUS+® is the clear winner in long-term building science performance with its superior permeability and long-term consistent R-Value. Other rigid foams such as XPS or Polyisocyanurate do not have the permeability to release gained moisture and are produced using unstable gas blowing agents effectively lowering their stated R-Values.

Foam-Control® PLUS+® Architectural Insulation is the superior rigid foam insulation available in the market today. If you are looking for a stable and predictable R-Value, then Foam-Control® PLUS+® insulation is the choice!

About John Myers

I have been involved in the building materials supply business since my youth. I began my career in the "lumber yard" business and grew in that to become a part of the family business for more than 20 years. I then expanded my knowledge base to include commercial, division 7 product lines, as an independent representative for 13 years. I joined ACH Foam Technologies in August of this year, and am learning all about the manufacturing of Architectural Grade EPS insulation. I am looking forward to many years in this career, continuing current relationships and building new ones. I serve the Missouri and Western Kansas territory, and if we haven't yet met, I look forward to our meeting.
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