EPS Transforms Interactive Playspaces

By: Greg Gibson, EPS Sales Specialist

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We all know about the many applications of EPS insulation in the construction fields, commercial, residential, and industrial. We see it used as a very economical insulation delivering a stable R-value on roofs, walls, above and below grade applications. It is used in external insulation finish systems (EIFS) for both walls and architectural shapes and garage door insulation. We even see it used as substrate in place of dirt and backfill (Geofoam). Beyond insulation, EPS is used in packaging such as insulated shipping containers and protective packaging.

An EPS OEM application that many may not be aware of is the use as a structural cavity fill for children’s playground sculptures. Inside that Bug’s Bunny and colorful climbable cartoon tortoise lies EPS.


Playtime Creations in Denver, CO buys EPS blocks and artistically transforms them into works of art and entertainment worldwide. The artists carve, cut, and sand the EPS into the desired shape, then coat it with a durable outer layer that is painted. Every time I stop by their office it is absolutely fascinating to see what their artists are creating and carving in their quest to turn someone’s ideas into Playtime Creations.

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