Updated: DuraTherm Packaging® OEM Tech Data

By: Greg Aron, Regional Sales Manager

DuraTherm Tech Data_Page_1Have you ever lay awake at night pondering the coefficient of thermal contraction for EPS?  Perhaps you may have wondered how much moisture your DuraTherm® cooler would absorb if submerged for 24 hrs?  Fear no more troubled soul!  The newly updated DuraTherm® Packaging and OEM Tech Data contains all the answers (and them some) to satisfy your inquisitive mind.

OK…we’re not all geeks of science.  However, if you are a professional tasked with engineering the world’s #1 lightweight, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly rigid insulation into your application, look no further.  ACH Foam Technologies has you covered in a 2 page easy to read DuraTherm® Tech Data bulletin covering everything from elastic modulus to compressive resistance at 1% deformation, and thermal conductivity/resistance.  Please visit our website to learn more: www.achfoam.com.

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