EPS Geofoam Used in a Skate Park!

By:  Chris Casey, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

One of the great things about working in this industry, and for ACH Foam, is getting to see all of the innovative ideas that people come up with that incorporate EPS Geofoam. From highway construction, to green roofs, stadium seating, and mass transit, it’s always interesting to see how Geofoam is incorporated into to so many different types of construction projects.

I had the pleasure of seeing another one last week when I traveled to Cherokee, NC to visit a project being built by Artisan Skateparks. Artisan was founded under the premise of “Who better to design a skatepark, than skaters themselves?” Owners Andy and Mark have been lifelong skaters, and took their passion into business. And on the Cherokee project, they used EPS Geofoam for the first time.

Geofoam was used on this project to create the forms on which the concrete would be poured to create ramps and jumps. Mark and Andy both said that the Geofoam makes the job faster, easier, and less expensive, and Andy was thrilled with being able to walk around carrying cubic feet of foam in his arms, rather than struggling with dirt that could weigh over 100 times more. With more projects coming up around the country, Artisan plans to use Geofoam thanks to the budgetary and design flexibility it provides.

EPS GeofoamMany of the ideas for using Geofoam come from the design and construction community. If you know of a great project that incorporates geofoam, we’d love to hear about it.

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  1. sean oloughlin says:

    I live in Berkeley California, I run a skateboard camp and I am currently working on a small concrete project that I would like to use eps geo foam. Can you let me know where I can purchase 10 to 15 blocks in the California bay area. thank you

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