Think Small – Unique Size And Strength

DuraTherm® Expanded Polystyrene Pre-Puff

The emerging market of medical applications and it’s requirement for small size but stable materials.  ACH Foam Technologies DuraTherm® EPS Pre-puff offers a variety of densities and has you covered.   Below are a few examples of common uses for DuraTherm Pre-Puff inside Medical Positioning Pillows & also Bead sizing images.   DuraTherm Density ranging from .75 lb to 4.5 lb per cubic foot using B, C &  T bead type resin.   Typical bead size diameters range from .40 mm to 1.5 mm.

1.5 pcf pre-puff T size bead

1.5 pcf pre-puff T size bead

4.25 pcf B szie

4.25 pcf B size

Medical Positioning Pillow

Medical Positioning Pillow

Please reach out to one of our 9 plant locations to learn more.


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