Why use Foam-Control PLUS+® for your roof insulation?

By: John Myers – Sales Representative, Architectural Products

Today’s low slope roof systems are costing building owners considerably more money than they should. The consideration comes down to the actual “cost per R” of the insulation used in the system. While membrane manufacturers lead their customers to believe there is only one choice for insulation, nothing could be further than the truth!

Foam-Control PLUS+® and Foam-Control® roof insulation offers the lowest cost per R-Value of any roof insulation on the market. In fact, in the case of tapered insulation systems it can be 30% or more! So why might you ask are designers and contractors not offering it as insulation in their proposed systems?

The answer is quite simple, the membrane manufacturers are not as concerned with the cost of the system as they are in supplying the insulation they manufacture or label. Most every membrane manufacturer produces or licenses Polyiso insulation and naturally include it as part of their specifications. Makes sense for them; however it drives the cost of the roof system up considerably without offering any additional benefit!

In comparing Foam-Control PLUS+® and Foam-Control® roof Insulation to Polyiso there are some very important considerations.


Long term R-Value loss. It is a fact that the R-Value of Polyiso insulation decreases over time, in fact in as little as 5 years.

    • Thickness limitations of the Polyiso product requires more installation labor to reach required R-Values or taper height for drainage.
    • The best roof systems use a coverboard over the insulation and under the membrane. Using Foam-Control PLUS+® and Foam-Control® insulation with a cover board is no more expensive than Polyiso without coverboard.
    • Foam-Control PLUS+® and Foam-Control® can be applied direct to metal decks. Please refer to UL Evaluation Report ER11812-01 and UL Roof Deck Construction No. 458.
    • Foam-Control PLUS+® and Foam-Control® roof Insulation is recyclable and environmentally friendly. It contains no CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs or formaldehyde, and it comes with a 50-year thermal warranty.
    • Full warranties are available with most all membrane manufacturers, contact us for details.

This is a short list of benefits. The biggest benefit to building owners and contractors wishing to offer the best value at the best price to their customers is the significant cost savings that Foam-Control PLUS+® and Foam-Control® roof insulation offers.

Contact us today to find out how we can save you dollars on your next roof project!

About John Myers

I have been involved in the building materials supply business since my youth. I began my career in the "lumber yard" business and grew in that to become a part of the family business for more than 20 years. I then expanded my knowledge base to include commercial, division 7 product lines, as an independent representative for 13 years. I joined ACH Foam Technologies in August of this year, and am learning all about the manufacturing of Architectural Grade EPS insulation. I am looking forward to many years in this career, continuing current relationships and building new ones. I serve the Missouri and Western Kansas territory, and if we haven't yet met, I look forward to our meeting.
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