Get Green, Go White!

Get Green.  Go White.By:  Chris Benson, Packaging Specialist

Did you know expanded polystyrene (EPS) is green? Actually, EPS is white, but green as in the environmental benefits EPS possesses. From the manufacturing process to the ability to recycle EPS foam, ACH Foam Technologies is the place to go for “green” packaging products.

How about some facts?

EPS manufacturing uses little energy, in which steam is a major component of the manufacturing process.  The water from this process is recycled and used many times.

EPS manufacturing only uses 0.1% if total oil consumption.

EPS has never contained CFC’s, HCFC’s, HFC’s, or formaldehyde which are harmful to our ecosystem and ozone.

EPS can be easily recycled! ACH uses scrap material from the manufacturing process or returned EPS foam from customers and incorporates this material into new EPS products. Some recycled EPS is used to make everything from coat hangers to garden furniture.

Do you want to reduce your supply chain waste?

Then use EPS from ACH.  EPS cushions and protects products more efficiently then other packaging materials from breakage during shipment.  This saves energy, material, and transportation resources as you will not have a broken or damaged part to replace and reship.

How can you recycle EPS?

Easy! Any ACH Foam plant location will take back your EPS foam.  The only requirements are that the EPS foam is white, dry, clean, and free of any tapes, labels and adhesives. Drop it off and we will take care of the rest.  Please contact ACH for further information.

ACH Foam Technologies has been manufacturing environmentally friendly EPS for over 30 years, before green meant anything besides a color!

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