How is $4.00 gasoline driving Lost Foam casting design?

By: Todd Huempfner, Senior VP of Operations

When will the rising tide of gasoline prices begin to ebb?  Or, better yet, will fuel prices ever pull back below $3.00/ gallon?  When?  In the last 12 months, gas and diesel prices have increased from 28%- 40% in every geographical location measured by the US EIA.  While our nation grapples with a weak economy and the lack of a sound energy policy, the private sector is aggressively designing products that reduce fuel consumption and lowers emissions to meet the demands of the fiscally and environmentally conscientious consumer.  Some of the latest engine designs in the marine, automotive and heavy truck industries seek to strike a balance between weight reduction and lower emissions while maintaining engine performance standards.

So, where does Lost Foam fit in?

The Lost Foam Casting (LFC) process has become instrumental in advancing fuel efficiency, lowering emissions and maintaining performance through:


  1. Design flexibility of EPS Lost Foam Foundry Processand co polymer patterns to combine features and assemblies within a casting
  2. Capability of EPS and co-polymer patterns to achieve cast wall thicknesses of 3-5 mm
  3. Dimensional stability yields as cast features that require little or no machining
  4. Flexibility of EPS and co-polymer patterns to support multiple metal castings- aluminum, brass, ductile iron, stainless steel


  1. Lighter engines/powertrains and exhaust systems yielding better fuel mileage/lower fuel consumption
  2. Utilization of cast stainless steel  in exhaust manifolds and fuel systems to improve fuel efficiency and lower emissions while meeting performance needs of lower horsepower- high performance engines
  3. Ease of design for internal passages and bifurcation for complex castings that require high pressure and high performance

Stainless Steel ManifoldsSo, when will the rising tide of fuel prices begin to decline?  We can only speculate, but in the meantime, the flexibility of design and dimensional stability of the LFC process is driving innovations for the fuel systems and power trains of today and tomorrow.

Learn more about Lost Foam Foundry Patterns.

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  1. I truly don’t think gas prices will ever come down to a reasonable rate – especially with the turmoil in the world and depleting resources. Anything that can help increase fuel efficiency is a service to mankind. Keep up the good work.

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