Mid-Year Update from the CEO

From: Ted Dann, President & CEO

As the first half of 2011 comes to a close, let me take this opportunity to wish all of our ACH friends a happy 4th of July holiday.

The strong support we enjoy from our many friends and colleagues – from customers and suppliers to employees and support providers has enabled us to secure many interesting and exciting projects, and has allowed us to continue our quest of continuous improvement in our company and its performance.

Our ultimate goal at ACH is to improve ourselves with each passing quarter. Our new and improved web page, advances in operating efficiencies, and ongoing refinements in our financial tools are a few examples of our progress forward.

As the second half of the year unfolds, we expect ACH to continue to improve.

We look forward to continuing to develop new products and new markets, to providing top quality products delivered with the best customer service, and to continuing to strengthen ACH in every way.

Again, please accept our wishes to you and your families to enjoy a happy 4th of July and a productive and prosperous 2nd half of the year.

Thank you,  Ted Dann / President & CEO

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