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By: William Hill, Packaging Specialist

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ACH Foam Technologies is a key manufacturer of EPS Packaging within the wine industry with its line of WineLoc products. Our unique proprietary line of wine bottle packaging is the ideal solution for shipping bottled wine safely.

When creating this line of product our design engineers took into account parameters determined to be important in what the market was in need of: cushion, insulation, low cost, and design. Our WineLoc provides cushion with the use of 1.25/pcf EPS.  We have designed our product in conjunction with this density of material to give the right amount of impact support during transit to protect the wine bottle contents. The EPS we use throughout the ACH Foam Technologies’ line of WineLoc is called EcoSix. We feel we are being as responsible as possible in using EcoSix which is a resin made of 60% scrap EPS, a re-engineered resin that we are proud to use in this product line. EcoSix looks, feels and performs just like Virgin EPS but with the advantage of knowing it is from recycled materials. It is the environmentally correct thing to do! Our WineLoc benefits from being made of EPS because it provides a degree of insulation value to help maintain temperature control of the wine during shipping. Much more so than pulp packaging. WineLoc is a safe, low cost packaging solution relative to the value placed on what is being shipped….and the design of our system has taken in to account all of the details the industry has asked for: variety in bottle diameters, bottle heights, cavity configurations, bottle tighteners inside the cavities, and using the least amount of EPS packaging without sacrificing the integrity of the packaging! We’ve got it all!

Our product offerings are diverse in order to meet whatever bottle configurations you are looking for. We offer WineLoc packaging for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 stand up configurations and 3 versions of 12 Packs. Our 12 Packs come in 12 Pack XL Recessed which has a recess in between the two sets of 6 cavities for use with a gel pack and is used for a wide variety of bottle sizes.  Our 12 Pack XL SOLID which is the same bottle diameter and height of the 12 Pack XL Recessed but without the Recess. This has the foam built up to give some additional support around the neck of the bottle. And we have our 12 Pack Standard for those bottle sizes that are a bit shorter and narrower. Additionally, ACH Foam Technologies has a 2 pack lay-down and a 3 pack lay-down. For more specific product information please visit our web site at On this site we provide you with product dimensions, bundle configurations and diagrams to hopefully answer all of your questions. If not, let us know and we will promptly get an answer to you.

ACH is able to provide you its WineLoc product in two ways. You may purchase WineLoc in bundles of foam only, or we can ship you bundles where the foam is already placed in a corrugated shipper. We call this a “kit”. Upon receipt you just need to pull off the foam top, load with product, put the foam lid back on and seal the top corrugated flaps and ship!

ACH Foam Technologies manufacturers WineLoc in our state of the art Reno, NV facility. We have inventory on hand to be able to react quickly to your product needs.

Won’t you try our WineLoc packaging solution? What is better than receiving your favorite bottle of wine safely? Popping the top and enjoying the contents!

Ship in WineLoc from ACH Foam Technologies!

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