Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement

By: Brian Oates, Corporate Quality System Manager

Importance of Monitoring and Measurement

It is very important for companies to measure different aspects of their business.  This can be done using many methods such as monitoring and measurement of product and processes, internal auditing, analysis of collected data, corrective actions, and preventive actions.    The data generated from monitoring and measurement should be analyzed and used to drive continual improvement of both processes and products.

Knowing what data to collect and review can sometimes be complicated.  You don’t want to collect data just to collect data.  You want to collect data that can be used to provide value to the company.    Also, every measure needs to have an individual in charge of it who understands the purpose of it and ensures that corrective action is taken when the measure is not being completed.

Methods of Monitoring and Measurement at ACH Foam

  • In-Process / Final Inspection

Product inspection and testing is a long-accepted method of assuring quality of finished product.    ACH Foam Technologies has implemented a series of documented in-process inspections and final inspections to ensure that our customers receive quality product and do not receive discrepant material.  ACH Foam has a “non-conforming product procedure” which documents products when they do not comply with ACH’s requirements.

  • Internal Auditing

ACH has implemented an internal auditing program of our quality management system that requires us to continue to examine our processes and products against established company standards.  When discrepancies are noted, corrective action shall be taken.    Audit findings and conclusions are provided to General Managers who use that information to drive continual improvement projects.

  • Analysis of Customer Satisfaction

ACH conducts a yearly customer survey.  The customer survey helps to provide information on areas in which we can improve.   Survey results from this past year show that our customers are very satisfied with our performance in service, quality, and on-time delivery.


ACH Foam Technologies uses our monitoring and measuring systems to protect product quality, confirm compliance to established procedures, satisfy the needs of our customers, and to continually improve our products and processes.

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