How are Insulated Shipping Containers Tested for Temperature Control?

By:  Keith Baechle, Regional Sales Manager – Packaging Products

ThermomterSince the inception of the DuraTherm™ insulated shipping container system concept, ACH Foam Technologies has made strides in the engineering and development of Temperature control packages.  ACH Foam kicked off the brand line by working with engineers within the industry to gain training and knowledge regarding thermodynamics within packages.  Later ACH Foam added a temperature chamber and technicians to run analysis of engineered systems to prove that our designs are successful and to make minor changes before supplying product to the marketplace.

The laboratory environment is a completely controllable environment.  This allows the technicians to manipulate the influences of temperature and humidity on a specific package configuration.  The technician also has the ability to monitor specific areas within the package gaining real time data.  We can view how temperature change on the outside of a unit affects a certain region within the package or within the product itself.  The benefit of having this product line has established ACH Foam as a leader in temperature package development.

For a limited time, ACH Foam is offering a FREE pre-qualification pack-out test.  No need to be a customer.  Simply contact us to make arrangements to schedule the test using your own package system and ACH Foam will do the rest.  This will save companies a lot of time reconfiguring packages that may fail the official pack-out test, not to mention will save them money too.

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  1. Do you have any test data which you can share from testing already completed? I’m particularly interested in the performance of your line containing the recycled EPS matrials.

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