Rigid Foam for OEM Solutions

By:  Greg Aron, Regional Sales Manager – Industrial Products

EPS Foam Heating & Cooling Unit Insulation

Heating & Cooling Unit Insulation

From bean bag fill to lost foam foundry patterns, ACH Foam Technologies’ high performance products have unlimited design possibilities and are used in virtually every industry as a superior and cost-effective OEM solution.

With nine plants located across the U.S, ACH Foam is uniquely positioned as the only national manufacturer of EPS specializing in both block molding and shape molding of EPS.  Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will help you design and engineer an expanded polystyrene (EPS) OEM product solution with precision accuracy to meet the strictest of deadlines and performance specifications.

Why Is EPS the Preferred Engineered Rigid Foam for OEM Applications?

  • Cost and supply of raw material very stable.
  • Tremendous compressive strength.
  • Highly moisture resistant & vapor permeable.
  • Custom sizes and shapes to optimize productivity and design.
  • Dimensional accuracy and stability.
  • Highest R-Value per dollar of any rigid foam.
  • Best long term thermal performance.

Improved Quality

  • Improve consistency of bond line.
  • Reduce the amount of joints.
  • Help to make joints tighter and seamless.
  • Improved temperature control.
  • Help reduce weight of your product.
  • Better dimensional stability.
  • Sanded EPS with tolerances as close as +/-.015”

We Save You $$!

  • Material Cost Savings.
    –        More R-Value for less cost.
    –        Optimize usage of purchased material.
  • Labor Savings.
    –        ACH provides customized sizes.
    –        Fewer components to assemble-increased productivity.
    –        Ability to meet virtually any design idea.

What’s your design idea?  Contact us to turn your idea into a reality!

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