DuraTherm…Not Just a Foam Cooler

By:  Chris Benson, Packaging Specialist

DuraTherm® by ACH Foam Technologies isDuraTherm Foam Shipping Containers not just a foam cooler, it is the whole temperature control packaging solution! The DuraTherm® product line includes foam coolers, gel packs, corrugated boxes along with a bit of science to get your temperature controlled product from Point A to Point B damage free and thermally protected.

  • Stock sizes available at ACH Foam’s facilities across the country
  • Custom sizes can be manufactured
  • Great packaging solution that protects the product and has thermal benefits
  • Available in EcoSix® EPS material, which has up to 60% recycled content
  • Available in 4 oz to 48 oz
  • Non-Toxic
  • Low cost and reusable
  • White boxes are available for ACH Foam Technologies’ coolers
  • Printed with Perishable and Refrigerate Upon Arrival text on the box
  • Can be assembled with a DuraTherm® cooler inside or shipped separate for later assembly
  • Additional layer of thermal security and product protection

Adding all the DuraTherm® line together will provide you with a solution to shipping your temperature controlled products. Now for the science!

Contact ACH Foam Technologies to have a Free pre-qualification pack-out test done at our facility using a state of the art temperature testing chamber! ACH can test your current package or design a DuraTherm® solution to fit your product and temperature requirements.

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2 Responses to DuraTherm…Not Just a Foam Cooler

  1. Giselle Raymond Kitchen Table says:

    I am looking for a custom styro container for a new refrigerated food item I am carrying. I am looking for a square rounded edge black styro container for about 16oz.

    Can you do that? or just white.

    Thank You
    Giselle Raymond

    • Mary A. Burk says:


      EPS food containers are not manufactured by ACH Foam; however, Dart Container does make this type of item. Their website is: https://www.dartcontainer.com. If you do ever need EPS foam packaging supplies for shipping, we can help you out with that!

      Kind Regards,
      ACH Foam Technologies

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