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By:  Bill Hill, Packaging Specialist

Idea on a NapkinHave something unique that needs to be packaged? Something you want to have protected, shipped safely, or even requires temperature controlled shipping? ACH Foam Technologies, with its nine strategic manufacturing locations, is in a position to provide you with a packaging design solution!

Your Ideas = Our Creative Designs

The sales team at ACH Foam Technologies, along with our design engineers located in Kansas City, are eager to hear from you. If you have a product and are not sure how to come up with a solution, we can help. While discussing your needs, it’s common for us to work with product samples to help determine the best design for you.

Even if all you have is a napkin sketch we can start with this and come up with something that we hope will be the perfect solution you are looking for. Our design team is also able to work with all types of sophisticated software files which you can supply – we then turn your idea into reality. No matter how you present your ideas to us, we will work with it!

Solutions that Meet Your Objectives

Throughout the design process we consistently monitor each and every detail prior to manufacturing the final design. During this process we regularly communicate the progress of your project to ensure you are able to evaluate the design so that all of your objectives are met. We are accustomed to creating successful designs that are highly technical and sophisticated. Our diverse manufacturing capabilities lend itself to a wide range of packaging solutions.

Quality Control Tests

After completing the design review process, ACH Foam will provide you with design samples that can be tested and evaluated. These samples are machined or hand fabricated and are perfect for “hands-on” testing.

ACH Foam Technologies has a Quality Test Lab located in our Fond du Lac, Wisconsin facility. Here we are able to provide you with drop test results or temperature control feedback to meet current packaging specifications established by all of the various testing organizations. We will provide you written test results and recommendations for changes to your design. This is a free service that ACH Foam Technologies gladly provides to our customers.

I encourage you to talk with our ACH Foam Technologies Packaging Specialists in your area to find out how we can find a design solution for your unique product.

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