ACH Foam – More than just EPS…

By:  Chris Benson – Packaging Specialist

Custom Molded EPECustom Molded EPE Foam Packaging

ACH Foam Technologies is more than just an EPS manufacturer.   ACH also has the capabilities to custom mold expanded polyethylene (EPE) utilizing our state of the art molding presses.

Custom Molded EPE packaging avoids many weaknesses found in other packaging materials such as distortion, breakage and poor rebound features.  More strengths of EPE would be high thermal performance, anti-friction, and being reuseable.

Custom Molded EPE Benefits:

  • Proven Design Consistency
  • Extremely Close Tolerances
  • Repeat Product Performance
  • 3-D shapes for added flexibility
  • Excellent Cushioning Properties
  • Contains no CFC’s
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