ACH Foam Technologies: Design and Manufacturing

By: Dennis Smith, Packaging Specialist

ACH Foam Technologies, with many years of experience and a variety of very talented people in both design and manufacturing solutions offer our customers numerous options in fabricated as well as molded packaging products to create cost-effective and innovative packaging solutions to ship fragile electronics, temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals through cold-chain management, medical products, appliances and many other products over short or long distances to arrive at their destination protected and intact.

The process starts with a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s requirements through initial contact with an ACH Foam Technologies’ Packaging Specialist as well as their expertise to help answer questions and guide the customer to achieve results that will both gain the customer’s confidence and ultimately provide them with an end product that is cost-effective and meets their needs both now and in the future.

ACH Foam Technologies has the capability to either take a customer design through the prototype process to final approval and manufacturing and delivery or offer an ACH-designed package that will insure the requirements of the customer are met in a cost-effective and timely manner. If the customer has a design, it can be moved ahead efficiently and effectively if they can offer a drawing. Typically, a .pdf file is okay to start, but a .dwg file that can be opened in AutoCAD is better. However, an .igs file (SOLID WORKS) is optimal.

During the design process, typical items that are considered are psi-loading, bearing-area and finally, density required to meet customer specifications.

ACH Foam has nine strategically placed locations with state-of-the-art Molding and Fabrication equipment from Nevada to Georgia to help meet time and geographical and logistical considerations.

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