Taking Packaging for Granted

By: William Hill, Packaging Specialist

Have you ever received something ordered on line and looked how it is packaged and thought “Why?” “Why all the packaging material?” Packaging is often times taken for granted as to its function in delivering product. We want a product and it just miraculously appears on the shelf. But how did it get there and how did it get there safely?

Ever thought about how medicines and vaccines are shipped so that they are readily available by hospitals, pharmacies, and at your local doctor’s offices?

The packaging for the medical, life science, and pharmacy industry is a huge packaging logistical challenge. Product is produced under stringent quality conditions and needs to ship safely for administration to humans and animals. If the product is compromised in any way the drug manufacturers would have a huge problem on their hands as would all of us in being able to be treated for our various ailments.

ACH Foam Technologies is proud to be a major source of creating packaging solutions that meet and exceed the stringent packaging requirements for shipments of medical products all over the globe. The regulations and specifications that the product must be shipped to are there for a reason and ACH’s expertise in regards to what is required, knowledge of the necessary protocols, profile requirements, how to adapt for various payloads, and our intimate knowledge of the various ISTA and Drop Testing Standards make ACH standout as a leader in packaging solution implementation.

We are proud of our various temperature packaging solutions using quality product such as our EPS Coolers, Gelpacks, corrugated and being able to provide the feedback on the system prior to our customers submitting for final certification through out in house lab. Our lab, located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin is able to use its testing chamber to create the same testing scenarios an outside lab will. This is huge benefit in pre-testing our packaging solution prior to final certification to test for performance. ACH feels that providing this service in house for our customers saves time and money. We want our customers to be able to submit their packaging system for final approval with certainty that what we have created will in fact meet the appropriate criteria.

So how does that medicine arrive at our labs, pharmacy, and to our local doctor’s office? In a carefully packaged temperature controlled system to ensure product safety for the health of each other and our pets. Let ACH Foam Technologies be a packaging solution source for you. We look forward to hearing from you and to creating a unique packaging solution for your product. Contact your local ACH Representative on how we may assist you further.

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