Recycled Polystyrene Foam materials are “rich” in value

By: Ryan Olson, Packaging Specialist

Companies value the “recycled” material used to make a variety of the items seen onFoam coolers shelves today, anything from picture frames to plastic lumber and chairs.

Is your company or business recycling Polystyrene?

If not, start an EPS recycling program.

  1. Find a recycler in your area or contact your closest EPS manufacturer like ACH Foam Technologies. Recycle #6
  2. Establish material handling and storage procedures.
  3. Train designated personnel to collect polystyrene #6 in work stations around your business.
  4. Separate the polystyrene so it’s clean and free of other debris.

ACH Foam Technologies partners with our existing customers when it comes to recycling EPS.   We want to keep the dumpsters and landfills free of polystyrene and achieve higher recycling rates year over year.  Many companies don’t realize that polystyrene foam is recyclable and procedures can be put in place with little effort.

Every day that expanded polystyrene foam goes into dumpsters without being compacted and recycled is a waste of money and vital resources that can be used more effectively.  This is an intelligent decision for your business and will reduce your annual budget for waste removal.  Remember, recycling these products is a value to you, the economy, and the environment.

Please contact your local sales professional at ACH Foam Technologies and we will put you in the right direction.

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