Geofoam…What Is This Product?!?

By: Steve Del’Nero, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

This is a very common question that I am asked on nearly a daily basis by contractors, architects, and soil engineers. Geofoam is made with expanded polystyrene (EPS) and our non-toxic termite and insect resistant additive, PerformGuard. There are some testing and application differences, but that is it! Geofoam is a versatile product used in below grade, under slab and stadium seating applications. It is a lightweight fill product which can save time and money when compared to other products such as lightweight concrete or conventional fill, such as dirt.

The product is advantageous for use in areas with soft soil conditions. Having been raised in Northern California, I’m aware of issues with bay mud and soft soil conditions in the greater San Francisco region and surrounding areas. Geofoam offers a lightweight fill well suited for use in this region because moist ground conditions in this area will never be eliminated. Geofoam (weighing 1 to 3 pounds per cubic foot) will not add the additional weight that soil does (100 pounds per cubic foot).  This means ZERO NET LOADING!! You will save installation time on your project, as well as eliminate settling problems down the road. Strength without weight!! AND you eliminate the risk of having to redo the project again due to settlement problems. This saves time and money today and in the future!

Geofoam is a versatile product used in many applications. It is suited for use in road construction, embankments, bridge abutments, relieving pressure on retaining walls, commercial landscape applications (Academy of Sciences in San Francisco), stadium seating in movie theaters…the list goes on! The predictable performance of Geofoam makes it an attractive option to conventional fill materials.

ACH Foam Technologies is the leader in providing Geofoam as a lightweight fill product. We have been involved with a number of the largest fill projects in the United States. With our database of technical information and expertise with Geofoam, ACH IS THE BEST choice for your job!

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