EPS Roof Insulation: What would the Building Owner Want?

By: Bill Downs, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

What would the building owner want?

When I discuss EPS roof insulation with an architect or a contractor, this question almost always works its way into the conversation. WHY? Because, at the end of the day, the building owner has to live with the insulation that is installed on their roof. The building owner is putting a lot of trust in architects and contractors that they are making the best decisions for their building.

What do the building owners want? They want what we all want when we purchase something.  The best value for their money. Sometimes spending more money for something doesnt mean you are getting the best value. Spending more money on roof insulation doesn’t mean you are getting the best insulation for your roof. If something costs more it should be significantly better than its competing products. There should be some noticeable benefits for choosing it over those other products.

Lets compare R-Values. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Type II, 1.50 lb density has an R-Value of 4.6 per inch. Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) is 5.0 per inch and Polyisocyanurate is 6.0 per inch. The R-value of EPS is so stable that 100% of its R-value is warranted for 20-years by ACH Foam Technologies. The other 2 products mentioned above have a higher published R-value but the warranties offered by the manufacturers of those two products tell us that R-Value will not be maintained for long. In fact the XPS warranty states that 90% of the published R-value will be warranted for 15 years and the ISO warranty says that 80% of the published R-value is warranted for 10 years. Does anyone else see a lot of red flags here? The building owner is paying for the R-value on his/her roof and needs to know that the 5.6 or 5.0 R-value won’t always exist.

We can also compare tapered EPS roof insulation to the above mentioned products. When it comes to a tapered roof there is no other choice. Tapered EPS has so many benefits over the other insulations. Tapered EPS offers speedy installation and very little if any jobsite waste. It comes from the factory precut and ready to install. There is no measuring, no cutting and installation is 3-4 times faster. This too saves money. Check out a taper installation video to see just how fast it installs in comparison to polyiso.  You’ll see a great example of the speed of installation I’m talking about.

Time is Money!

What would you want if you were the building owner? It’s a simple question really. And if you allow yourself to learn the facts the answer is just as simple. EPS is the best value for roof insulation.

About John Myers

I have been involved in the building materials supply business since my youth. I began my career in the "lumber yard" business and grew in that to become a part of the family business for more than 20 years. I then expanded my knowledge base to include commercial, division 7 product lines, as an independent representative for 13 years. I joined ACH Foam Technologies in August of this year, and am learning all about the manufacturing of Architectural Grade EPS insulation. I am looking forward to many years in this career, continuing current relationships and building new ones. I serve the Missouri and Western Kansas territory, and if we haven't yet met, I look forward to our meeting.
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