Summer Chillin’

By: Bill Hill, Packaging Specialist

WineLoc Summer Wine Shipper / PackagingWarmer weather is finally arriving across the country as we ease into the summer months. After the chill of the winter we all welcome the warmth and outdoors of summertime. This is the season for patio parties, back yard barbeques, and chilling in the evening with a favorite glass of wine.

ACH Foam Technologies is proud to introduce a new product to its proprietary line of WineLoc™ packaging; a summer wine shipper. The new WineLoc™ Summer Pak is designed to ship your cherished wine from one location to another at a temperature that will remain constant for up to 72 hours. It has been an industry challenge in past years to ship wine during the summer months. Wine manufactures and wine enthusiasts would hold off in making or receiving shipments of wine during the summer out of concern for how the higher temperatures will affect the wine during transit. The only option would be to ship overnight at a high freight expense. Other packaging manufactures have tried various solutions but ACH Foam is pleased that its WineLoc Summer Pak has been engineered specifically for maintaining a constant temperature that will allow shipments to travel safely for up to 3 days. ACH performed rigorous testing of WineLoc via specification ISTA-7D. The conclusive results resulted in ACH Foam launching this product in time to meet the summer demand.

The concept is based around a thick walled EPS 6-pack shipper. The design fits regular and XL bottle sizes. There are two pockets for a custom engineered gel pak that nestles between the wine bottles to regulate the internal temperature of the shipper. ACH Foam Technologies sells the Summer Shipper as a 6 pak with corrugated outer shipper and also as a 12-pack, which is 2 of the 6-pak foam units in one 12-pack corrugated outer shipper. ACH Foam manufactures all of its WineLoc products with EcoSix™, an environmentally friendly EPS resin that is made of 60% or more recycled content.

The WineLoc summer shipper is available in stock for immediate purchase to ensure you safely receive your favorite wine in time for summer so you can kick back, pop the cork, fill your glass, and enjoy the nice warm evenings with friends. Cheers to a fun and safe summer!

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