#1 Draft Pick!

By: Rick Shinn, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

SIPs House SIps House


No….not that kind of draft. I’m talking about the kind you feel when it’s 10 degrees outside and you walk by an electrical box in a stick-framed exterior wall. Up to 40% of a home’s heat loss is due to air infiltration. Even if meticulous care is taken to seal penetrations such as windows and doors, valuable heated air can find its way out, or cold air find its way in, through regular stick-framed walls! So, the #1 “draft” choice? R-Control SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels).

After investing in costly energy to heat or cool the air in a residential or commercial structure, the last thing you want is for that air to get away. But, that’s exactly what happens when utilizing the common stick-framed method of construction. By piecing walls together on site using numerous individual building materials, many of which are not flat or straight, it is virtually impossible to ensure there are no gaps or spaces that will allow air flow. But, a properly constructed structure utilizing R-Control SIPs will create an envelopeSIPs Spline Connection that will be virtually air tight. Blower Door Testing has shown air infiltration to be 15 times lower with SIPs. With panels of Foam-Control EPS insulation sandwiched between and fully adhered to OSB structural sheathing, there are no gaps to allow air in or out. The panels are then connected together utilizing insulated splines which are adhered and sealed with R-Control Do-All-Ply Sealant. Continuous beads of sealant at several locations within each joint ensure there can be no air flow through the panel joints. Even electrical boxes, which are placed in pockets cut from the EPS foam, will not create gaps in the envelope. Pre-cut electrical chases also help ensure that the continuous insulation is maintained.

  • High R-Value – with continuous insulation and minimal thermal breaks
  • Superior Strength – stronger, straighter walls providing a structure resistant to wind, snow and seismic loads
  • Design Versatility – for both residential and commercial applicationswith panel sizes up to 8’ X 24’ and up to 12” thick providing aArdmore SIPs House continuous thermal resistance of R-48
  • Lower Labor Costs – up to 50% reduction in construction time compared to stick-framing
  • Standard Termite Protection – Foam-Control EPS insulation istreated with Perform Guard®to resist termites

So, there you have it. R-Control SIPs, a #1 draft choice that will perform at the highest level, season after season, for years to come.

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