The Work Horse on the Roof

By: Jim Nugent, Sales Representative – Architectural Products

As an industry, those of us who market and sell EPS roof insulation talk until we lose our voice about the over-stated R-values of Polysio roof insulation – and we should.  Just page back to other blog posts here and you will quickly learn that building owners are often not getting the long term R-value from Polyiso that meets code.

I want to take some time to point out that when there is a design issue or challenge that relates to the insulation in a roof; even if it’s a structural issue not related to insulation, the contractor, architect or consultant will turn to EPS for the solution. The versatility of EPS is a long documented fact.

Over the life of a roof new drains may be added to cost-effectively remove water. Sometimes the drain locations can look like random checkers on a checker board. When it is time to tear off that roof and install a tapered system to tie together those checker pieces, what product is used to facilitate a highly sophisticated tapered layout? Of course it’s EPS roof insulation.

When an old fluted metal roof is ready to be replaced, what product has the versatility to form to the hundreds of unique flute profiles or adapt to old “snakey” flutes? Of course its EPS flute fillers.

What product serves the dual purpose on a green roof of providing great thermal value and the strength to weight ratios to support growing medium? Of course it’s EPS roof insulation.

If snow loads are a structural problem for a roof where it meets a high wall and a large sloping surface to move melting snow and ice from the corner, what is the solution? EPS snow wedges.

Did I mention one and two layer tapered systems that greatly reduce labor and materials? Did I mention pre-cut tapered saddles that also save labor and materials? Don’t forget compound tapered panels, or that EPS provides more R-value per dollar. What about compatibility with low rise urethane membrane and insulation adhesives? Yup, those are all the easy ones!

I like to ask contractors or architects and consultants if you only had one material on the roof to handle your thermal insulation requirements and meet the wide range design challenges related to roof assemblies, what would be your choice? Of course it’s EPS.

EPS roof insulation is truly “The Work Horse on the Roof”.

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