Teamwork Expands Loose Fill Packaging Operation

By: Keith Baechle, Regional Sales Manager – Packaging Products

Here is an article I came across a few days ago.  It came from a website “Motivation and Leadership”.  I found it interesting because it goes against the norm.  I’d like to think ACH Foam Technologies encourages this type of thinking.  ACH Foam has so many individuals within its framework and each one has a different skill set.  If you use the individual with the best skill set for the task, the results are always better than using a team of individuals each knowing a portion of the skill.

Teamwork In The Workplace

Have you ever heard that dopey saying there is no I in team! What a load of nonsense! Teamwork in the workplace is highly reliant on individuals … individuals performing to their best and sometimes that performance will be for their own self interest!

We all go to work to have some of our personal needs met and the workplace that tries to ignore or negate the individual’s needs is setting itself up for a fools ride. The leader’s role is to help each individual align his or her own needs and interests with the goals and pursuits of the team.

A team that is filled with individuals who are committed to and passionate about the team’s goals – because they coincide with their own needs – is far more powerful than a team filled with individuals who have over-ridden their own needs – for the good of the team – and are lacklusterly co-operating.

Source:  “Creating An Inspiring Work Environment” by Shelley Holmes

Recently ACH Foam Technologies expanded the Denver facility and incorporated loose fill manufacturing.  This expansion was the culmination of every aspect of ACH Foam coming together for a common goal.

  • The sales department put together a plan and began to execute it over the last 2 years.
  • This plan was reinforced by a secondary facility which supported the Denver plant with product during this time frame.  A major endeavor, which had no benefit for the supporting plant, other than it was for the betterment of ACH.
  • Operations worked during this time within the satellite facilities’ capabilities to maintain stock and satisfy customer’s needs.
  • With this help of the operations team, the sales department maintained a predetermined volume of revenue during the transition.
  • Operations staff was then called upon to outline, budget and implement the expansion within the Denver facility.
  • Administration and Accounting provided the financial backing and direction needed to fund the endeavor.
  • 45 days after administration’s approval, ACH Foam Technologies’ Denver location started manufacturing Loose Fill Packaging Peanuts.

Being involved from the start of a project of this nature gave me the opportunity to view the individual skill sets of many people.  It was amazing how the individuals took ownership of each task, asked questions, and took pride in the job, and eventually with the end result.  In this respect the “I’s” made the team work!!

Congrats ACH Foam, Well done!

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