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Why use Foam-Control PLUS+® for your roof insulation?

By: John Myers – Sales Representative, Architectural Products Today’s low slope roof systems are costing building owners considerably more money than they should. The consideration comes down to the actual “cost per R” of the insulation used in the system. … Continue reading

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Foam-Control PLUS+® Outperforms XPS When Exposed to Moisture

By: Jim Nugent – Regional Sales Manager As the word spreads throughout the construction industry about the advantages of expanded polystyrene, specifically Foam-Control PLUS+® architectural insulation, and the advantages over extruded polystyrene, we realize there is still a lot of … Continue reading

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Think Small – Unique Size And Strength

DuraTherm® Expanded Polystyrene Pre-Puff The emerging market of medical applications and it’s requirement for small size but stable materials.  ACH Foam Technologies DuraTherm® EPS Pre-puff offers a variety of densities and has you covered.   Below are a few examples … Continue reading

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Geofoam: Competing Against Dirt Cheap Soil

By: Terry Meier, Geofoam Specialist There is a saying that when something is extremely inexpensive it is “dirt cheap”. When using EPS foam as a light weight fill material (Geofoam), it is often replacing dirt, so then how can Geofoam … Continue reading

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ACH Foam Technologies Solves the Rigid Insulation Water Absorption Equation

By: John Cowan, Regional Sales Manager There are several things I think we can all agree upon about rigid insulation. Performance in the field is more important than laboratory results. Stability and long-term performance of R-Values outweighs the published R-Value … Continue reading

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