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Take a Dip with Geofoam for Rooftop Pools

By: Nick Harvill, Sales Representative While Foam-Control® Geofoam is often used to infill existing swimming pools that have outlived their purpose, Geofoam can also be used to shape new pools. Above grade pools are often installed in large metal boxes … Continue reading

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Big Picture Contractor Initiative

By: John Myers, Sales Representative – Architectural Products It is easy for us to lose sight of all the opportunities that surround us as we focus on the demands that come our way daily. How often have you looked back … Continue reading

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Hitting the (Roofing) Slopes

By: Jim Nugent, Regional Sales Manager With snow season here many are thinking about ‘hitting the slopes’ to go downhill skiing. In the commercial insulation business, slopes aren’t nearly as fun or exciting but a critical component of tapered roof … Continue reading

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The Load Reduction and Arching Effect of Geofoam on Culverts & Pipelines

By: Terry Meier, Geofoam Specialist It has been stated that an amateur sells products, a professional sells solutions to problems. One of the many problems that Geofoam solves is vertical load reduction on underground structures. The problem of earth pressure … Continue reading

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Rooftop Plazas – Valuable Real Estate

By: Pat Austin, Sales Representative – Architectural Products In today’s urban landscape, green space is often a valuable commodity in short supply. Real estate values in these environments often make outdoor landscapes impractical. Yet people still crave views of the … Continue reading

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